asterisk books, founded in 2017 by Daisuke Morishita, is a photo book label that deals with contemporary photography. We publish photo books, plan exhibitions, and hold lectures under the theme of "pure photography,'' which utilizes the functions of photography as simply as possible and explores its possibilities.



Asterisk is a Latin word derived from the word "star," and refers to notes and citations in books. It is also used as a simple sentence separator, or as a wildcard in the field of information processing.

Photography is a quoting technique that replaces what actually exists with an image, and at the same time, it is a method that can precede ready-made recognition.

People don't know exactly what's going on here. We walk, move, and create every day, feeling the novelty and potential just there. And the most helpful thing in creation is the rich vacuum.

It's a flower, a stone, a star, and at the same time the very possibility to represent "Something." who I am, who you are, and someone. We advocate making photos work that way.

Daisuke Morishita