Light is always certain, revealing itself when it touches and mingles with objects. A lens captures its form and reproduces it. For sincerely expressing the beauty and wonder of the world before our eyes, there is no better medium than photography. This is why I decided to take photographs.

Morishita continue to work with the hope of proving that the world does indeed exists. The idea of proving it with photographs may be reckless and It also contains contradictions. However, the photographer can still pursue the possibilities of meaning and concepts while describing the world by making himself hollow and sharing ideas with subjects.

“A single photograph contains various powers―the beauty of light, the presence of objects and people, and the expression of shadow. It never points in a single direction. It has distinctive and multiple vectors. We breathe in the places where these vectors come and go.    

That is the free space where our mind can swim.”

He is proud to express the richness of the new space he has created in this book.

It is said that the author’s quintessence is packed into his maiden work. It can be said of this Morishita’s first photo book as well. The result of more than a decade’s worth of shooting has come to a successful conclusion since “Gravity works (2005)”.


Author: Daisuke Morishita
Editor: Masahiro Minato
Graphic Design: Shoichi Tokuno
Language: English/Japanese
Dimensions: 226×283mm
Pages: 144
Number of illustrations: 82 b&w images
Binding: case bind
First edition: 500 copies
Price: ¥4500
First edition published in Japan, October 31, 2017.

ISBN 978-4-9909567-0-7