Autrement q’être

‘Autrement q’être’ is Daisuke Morishita’s fourth photo book.

In this work, Morishita leaves the cities he has mainly photographed up until now and travels to quiet locations. The works that appear through dialogue with the space are sometimes clear and sometimes ambiguous, allowing us to feel the touch of things that exist there in a way that is different from existing.

On the other hand, Morishita began creating objects that were made from useless things around us and photographed them in a dark room, which was completely different from his previous straight photography.

This series aims to “externalize the concept of photography that has been stored in his body as a concrete object and transform it into a mysterious existence,” and while maintaining a sense of realism, it also allows the viewer to land anywhere. It’s filled with an uneasy feeling. At the same time, it exudes the joy of not understanding.

Words and objects blend with the transparent body, and
something intangible, something unknowable takes hold within it.

Gradually, the body turns impure, and its erstwhile transparency fades.

But if not for this impurity of the body, we would be unable to respond to anything but theories and principles.

We are waiting for everything to arrive. Here, where moment meets infinity.

English translation by Robert Zetzsche

In this work, which constantly oscillates between figuration and abstraction, Morishita says that he felt the presence of death strongly. He may have been influenced in no small part by the nature of the places He visited for research, but more than anything, He may have received such signs from the spaces woven into his works.

Author: Daisuke Morishita

Graphic Design: Makoto Shoji,ebitai design

Language: English/Japanese
Translate: Robert Zetzsche
Size: 280×223x9mm

Pages: 96

Number of illustrations: 48 b&w images

Binding: Softcover/Clear Book Jacket

First edition: 300 copies
Price: ¥3800
First edition published in Japan,August 29, 2023.

ISBN 978-4-9909567-7-6