Among the scenes that we all see in our daily lives, the ones that are forgotten without being remembered are the ones that are pure reality, aren’t they?

Where will the photographs born from a place unrelated to documentation or expression go, and how will they relate to others?

This is an experiment conducted in the gray zone that stretches between “white out” and “black out”.

Shouichi Tokuno

If “white out” is the beginning of life from obscurity, and “black out” is death, “gray out” suggests all the possibilities of the world we can touch in this life.

Since photographs can only capture a limited part of the vast possibilities, we tend to attach meanings and thoughts to them. However, what Tokuno is attempting to do in this book is to extract the true nature of reality by freeing photography from such useful sociality.

The incomparable presence of this book, which could be called a “bundle of reality,” reveals the thickness of the layers of time that Tokuno has spent frankly confronting the function of photography, which is to capture the true state of reality within a very narrow rectangle cut out by a viewfinder.


Author: Shouichi Tokuno
Edit: Daisuke Morishita
Graphic Design: Shouichi Tokuno
Dimensions: 297×210mm
Pages: 172
Number of illustrations: 172 b&w images
Binding: softcover
First edition: 200 copies
Price: ¥2000
ISBN 978-4-9909567-5-2

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