“Photography as Onomatopoeia” Yuki Hayashi



オノマトペの羅列を聴いて思わず頬が緩んでしまうような。森下大輔の「Dance with Blanks」を繙くと、そんな感興に誘われる。









“Photography as Onomatopoeia” Yuki Hayashi (Photographer)


Daisuke Morishita’s “Dance with Blanks” provides the inspiration same as when listening to an array of onomatopoeia and your cheeks are loosened unintentionally. It is similar to a feeling that you play with unformulated speech or stuttering, such as coughing and purring of an infant. When we face a photograph, we usually question its intrinsic meaning; but when we face a blank that this artist generates, we hold our hands with that blank and dance with the rhythm before we realize it.


Morishita’s recent intuitive approach to a subject has brought a unique lightness to his work. While he produces a series of photobooks obsessively, his continuing effort to explore the concept of his work has produced this uplifting feeling.


The buoyancy that his work sustains in a multidimensional field, like cotton fluff flying in the air, his work carries a seed to a viewer secretly, and it may sprout some words one day. An absurd imagination goes over my head with a touch of finely tuned voice.


“Dancing with Blanks” means to join hands with “something strange.” For a while, we look closely at this expansive space, which the artist has created through his sincere experience, and then we continue to stare at it.

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