Fingertip Compass -wander in the silence-

While I was confronting the images that emerged from the photographic paper in the darkroom, it reminded me of the days when my parents used to teach me individual words by pointing at each object because I could not hear well.

My son might be feeling the same thing — as when I saw things directly, before language had permeated me.


Chibazakura lost most of her hearing due to a childhood illness and has been slowly learning to speak with the help of her parents’ enthusiasm.
His son, who is severely autistic, is in the process of slowly acquiring language.

In this book, he carefully captures his son and the scenes he sees on his travels with his family. This collection of works is filled with the beauty of a family living out their days together, rather than loudly proclaiming their disability.

The title of the book, “Fingertip Compass,” expresses the heart and soul of the parents who follow and accompany the clacking fingertips of his son.

Author: Yo Chibazakura
Edit: Daisuke Morishita
Graphic Design: Makoto Shoji,ebitai design
Language: English/Japanese
Dimensions: 260mm×210mm
Pages: 96
Number of illustrations: 51 b&w images
Binding: softcover
First edition: 500 copies
Price: ¥2800
ISBN 978-4-9909567-1-4