Shadows of Light

When you stop grasping place and space, rich emptiness appears.

I would like to live with this emptiness that nothing can fill in.

Dance with the emptiness - in order to find a new space.

Morishita has consistently produced works that explore the strength of the form in photography and the origin of existence through the light. The works in this book wish to keep the existence of “continue to be lost” from the personal experience of loss. Although many private scenes were included, they were filled with universal tranquility.

“Light melts with things and produces shadows but cannot illuminate itself” says Morishita, whose theme is proving the existence of things through photography.

The title Shadows of Light makes you feel a sense of regret for the lost time and sight.


Author: Daisuke Morishita
Graphic Design: Makoto Shoji,ebitai design
Language: English/Japanese
Dimensions: 270×256mm
Pages: 96
Number of illustrations: 46 b&w images
Binding: case bind
First edition: 300 copies
Price: ¥6000

ISBN 978-4-9909567-2-1







Shadows of Light – 光の影というタイトルが、失われゆく時間や光景への愛惜を齎します。


著者: 森下大輔
デザイン: 庄司誠 ebitai design
言語: 日本語/英語
サイズ: 270×256mm
ページ数: 96
掲載作品数: モノクロ46点
製本: 上製本
初版: 300部
価格: ¥6000
ISBN 978-4-9909567-2-1